Class Parents Donations

Use this page to donate securely to your child’s class. Donations will be tracked for each class and funds will be used for teacher gifts. Click on your child’s graduation year below to see your class parents and to donate via paypal. Conact Stepanie Rendulic or Kelsey Camire with any questions.

8th Grade (Class of 2023):
Kim Tremblay –,
Tracy Zafian –
Nosheen Omer –

7th Grade (Class of 2024):
Sheila Cleary –,
Sara English –,
Jessica Tuttle –

6th Grade (Class of 2025):
Kim Tremblay –,
Janet Smith

5th Grade (Class of 2026):
Kristie Stauch-White –

Follow this link to support our 5th grade field trip!
For teacher gift donations use the button below:

4th Grade (Class of 2027):
Anouk Alquier –,
Jenn Argy –

3rd Grade (Class of 2028):
Erin Flannagan –
Kate Harrington –

2nd Grade (Class of 2029):
Kelsey Camire –,
Jenn Argy –,
Stephanie Rendulic –

1st Grade (Class of 2030):
Stephanie Rendulic –,
Kie Kuwabara –,
Jessica Tuttle –,
Katie Bodzinski –

Kindergarten (Class of 2031)
Amanda Mittman –,
Nosheen Omer –,
Diane Raczowski –,
Jeannine Ruccio –,
Ling Xue –